Course Schedule, Fall 2013


Hi! Welcome to English 101B! This blog is designed to be the central information hub for the course. Come here to access your syllabus, course handouts, and assignment details and deadlines. Below you will see a section titled “Essential Course Documents,” where you’ll find the syllabus and other key documents.

Scroll down a little more and you’ll see our course schedule, arranged by date. Please note that the date above each reading/writing assignment is the due date. If a reading is labeled “handout,” this means I gave you a copy of it during the previous class session. If you must miss a class, please make arrangements for someone in the class to pick you up a copy of the reading. If you know ahead of time you will miss class, you can get a copy of the reading from me early.

If you ever have questions about something on the blog (or if a link is broken), please email me at The course schedule shouldn’t change much, but in the event that I have to revise an assignment or a deadline, those changes will appear on the blog. Thus, it’s a good idea to check the blog regularly so that you always know what’s going on in the course. If you have the blog bookmarked on your phone or computer, be sure to refresh the page so that you get the most current version.

Essential Course Documents

NEW! Group Presentation Rubric

Alice Munro Wins the Nobel Prize, which is AWESOME! Click here and here to read some of her work.

Strategies for Poem Analysis

Course Syllabus

Documenting & Integrating Quotes

Textual Evidence

Paired Presentations

My Thoughts on Revision

Tips for In-Class Writing


Monday, August 26 (first day of class):

Read and discuss “Hills Like White Elephants” in class

Introduction of key literary concepts, including textual evidence

Due Wednesday, August 28

Read “A Temporary Matter” (handout)

Read sample student writing

In class we will read “Blank” (page 24) from The White Museum. If you have purchased your book already, please bring it. If not, you can access the poem here.


Monday, Sept 2

Labor Day Holiday: no class …enjoy your break!

Read this handout on our Paired Presentations, which are coming up soon!

If you haven’t done so already, please read the course syllabus and purchase the required materials. I also recommend that you work ahead on Wednesday’s reading/writing assignment.

Due Wednesday, Sept. 4

Read “The Lady, or the Tiger” (handout) and complete Essay #1

For review: Homework must follow MLA format, which hopefully you learned in English 101A. For a reminder on how to format your paper in MLA, watch this video. Also, in this class you will be expected to integrate/document your quotes according to the rules you learned in English 101A. To review these skills, read Documenting & Integrating Quotes


Due Monday, September 9

Read “The Overcoat” by Nikolai Gogol (handout)

Pair A presents “The Overcoat” – Leah and Kevin

Important Note: This is a long story, so start early!! It can be a tough one to get into at the beginning, but stick with it!

Be ready for a quiz on “The Overcoat”

Due Wednesday, Sept. 11

Read “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson (handout)

Pair B presents “The Lottery” – Rico and Kathleen

Read “Shine” from The White Museum (pages 15-16)


Due Monday, Sept. 16

Read “Jon” by George Saunders (handout). Before reading “Jon,” please read this document for help.

Pair C presents “Jon” – Sahiz and Joshua

Due Wednesday, Sept. 18

Read “Boys” by Rick Moody (handout)

Pair D presents “Boys” – Alfonso and Hummer

Read “Muscle” (page 31) and “Snow” (page 9) from The White Museum


Due Monday, Sept. 23

In-Class Writing #1 will be today. Bring all your readings and notes, and a laptop if you have one. To prepare, reread your readings and class notes. Also, read my Tips for In-Class Writing

Wednesday, Sept. 25

Read “Lady with Lapdog” by Anton Chekhov and related article (handouts)

Pair E presents “Lady with Lapdog” – April and Beatriz

Read “The Ineffable” from The White Museum

You may want to start ahead on the reading for Monday. It is long!


Due Monday, Sept. 30

Read “A Man-To-Be” by Ha Jin (handout)

Pair F presents “A Man-To-Be” – Toseef and Pyae

Due Wednesday, Oct. 2

Read “Off” by Aimee Bender (handout)

Pair G presents “Off” – Lakeshia and Jamese


Due Monday, Oct. 7

Read pages 141-176 (Scenes 1-4) of Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo by Rajiv Joseph

Pair H presents – Kristi and Mike

Due Wednesday, Oct. 9

Read pages 177-216 of Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

Pair I presents – Amanda and Mari

NOTE: By now you should have purchased The Road. We will start reading it next week.


Due Monday, Oct. 14

Finish the play

Read “A Nice Place to Live” from The White Museum (pages 57-58)

Read Assignment Sheet for Essay #2

Read My Thoughts on Writing

Choose your topic and what story you’ll be writing on. We’ll be writing a draft of the paper in class, so if you have a laptop, please bring it.

In addition, we’ll be doing an in-class pre-reading activity on The Road, so please bring your book to class. Start Wednesday’s reading early if you wish.

Due Wednesday, Oct. 16

Be ready to tell me what your plan is for Essay #2

Read pages 1-34 of The Road

Pair K presents – Alyssa and Joseph

Due Monday, Oct. 21

Bring in a working thesis statement and an outline for your essay

Read Thesis Statements: Quick Tips

Read Group Presentation Guidelines. We’ll be choosing groups in class today.

Read pages 35-102 of The Road

Pair L presents – Nate, Vedy & Li

Due Wednesday, Oct. 23

Class will not meet today!


Due Monday, Oct. 28

Bring in a typed, polished  4-page draft of Essay #2

For help with your introduction, read this

Read pages 103-199 of The Road

Pair M presents – Heather and Ashley (you can choose whether to present pages 103-137 or 138-199)

Due Wednesday, Oct. 30

Read My Thoughts on Revision

Bring in a full draft of your paper (typed) and a passage that you want the class to help you with (related to your essay).

Also, please bring all of your short stories so that we can do some group analysis to help people with their essays.

Read pages 200-227 of The Road

Pair O presents – Nicole and Lama


Due Monday, Nov. 4

Final draft of Essay #2 due! Please email me your essay as a Word document by the START of class on Monday. I will be grading these ones using Word track changes. If you don’t have Word, please see if you can use a friend’s computer, or contact me and we’ll work something out.

(Please don’t email in your essay and ditch class! 🙂 Thanks.)

Read to the end of The Road

Pair P presents – Krisandra and Alejandra

Due Wednesday, Nov. 6

In-class writing #2 will be today. Bring all your readings and notes, and a laptop if you have one. To prepare, reread your readings and class notes. Also, read my Tips for In-Class Writing


Monday, Nov. 11

Veteran’s Day! No class. You might want to work ahead on Wednesday’s homework.

Due Wednesday, Nov. 13

Start working on Essay #3

Bring in a working thesis and rough outline (typed)

Week 13

Due Monday, Nov. 18

Group presentations begin today!

Groups 1 and 2 present

Due Wednesday, Nov. 20

No class today. Start writing a draft of your essay, and please send me your thesis/outline if you haven’t already done so.


Due Monday, Nov. 25

Kevin, Leah, Pyae, and Mike present

Vedy, Nate, Kathleen, and Li present

Introduction Workshop today! Bring in your introduction for your paper.

Due Wednesday, Nov. 27

Kristi, Rico, and Joseph present

Nicole, Lama, Krisandra, and Alejandra present

Bring in 2 copies of a 3-page draft of your paper for intensive peer review


Due Monday, Dec. 1

Mari, Alyssa, Jamese, and Lakeshia present

Ashley and Heather present

Due Wednesday, Dec. 3

Turn in final draft of Essay #3

Final exam review


The final exam is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 13 between 9:30-11:30am in our regular classroom. The final exam will be in-class writing #3. Remember, your lowest in-class writing score is dropped, so if you are already happy with your grades on in-class writings #1 and #2, you don’t need to take the final! If you wish to improve upon those scores, I will see you at the final. 🙂